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Customer Testimonials from Real Customers

Below, you will find just a few testimonials from our customers.  Unlike other companies that just provide initials and no business name, we provide full info so you can see these are from REAL PEOPLE who work for REAL BUSINESSES.   

For 27 years, thousands of companies have trusted Paybyweb to provide online check and credit card acceptance, as well as Social Media Marketing and Web Design Services.  Try us and you'll find out what sets us apart from the others.



J. Dupont - Ring Service Co.

 PayByWeb made everything easy for us. We were able to get our account set up and was doing business faster than we ever expected. We highly recommend PayByWeb.  

M. Lunnin - Web2

It was not even 24 hours and I received an email saying that I was approved. The next day, I received an email stating that my account was activated. I am not sure you can ask for anything better than this?  

A. Newmark - Big Apple Scents, LLC

Very quick turnaround within 1 day my account was set up and already accepting cards  Loved the Service. 

A. Kolchevsky-Shepherd - Sammasati

Easy to set up, everything seems straightforward, payment gateway looks powerful. Looking forward to using it :)   

L. Romano - SEO Las Vegas

Fast process easy setup great customer service.   

W. Hussam - Creative Building and Design

I am very satisfied with the speed and efficiency of the setup process.   

C. Marvel - Bid-Save, LLC

 Account was easy to set up and questions were answered in a timely manner.   

A. Amid - MyCellz4Less

 Very happy with how professional, quick, and easy it was to setup my merchant account and - will refer everyone to PaybyWeb   

C. Hutson - Int'l Marketing & Finance

Very informative and easy set up. Customer Service very professional and helpful. 

T. Rossi - Rossiemax

Actually Paybyweb made Merchant Account setup was so easy, you don't need to contract any web programmer to assist you with the setup.   

J.Honey - Olan Mills

 Paybyweb brought us into the new century.  For decades, we used to send out drivers to pick up $18 checks.  Now, it is done for us electronically and saves us tremendously.  Great Service!

M. Willis - Hip Hop Jewelry Kings

Service was fast, We Signed up for service Friday Evening, and Paybyweb had us ready to roll by Monday, Was not expecting that type of service. I would recommend paybyweb to anyone!!